Love + sales at first page.

(^ That’ll be your brand new client story soon.)


But what’s your story now?

You’ve seen success. You’ve experienced the thrill of a great launch or the excitement of a record-breaking client month. But you’ had to work your tail off to do it, and you’re just not sure that you can go through that awful mess again.

The long days and even longer nights you spent glued to your computer screen, eeking out sales copy that didn’t sound half as amazing as you wanted it to, meant that you missed out on the rest of your life. You missed supper with the kids and trips to the park.

And then when you looked at the copy you spent days writing, all you thought was “This is it?”

You don’t have to be stuck on the endless hamster wheel of DIY copywriting – where no matter how much time you put into your copy, you just can’t capture the spark, the personality, or the conversions that you want.

It’s time to say yes to


> Seeing those client bookings come storming in like an avalanche.


> A launch that leaves your course full and your bank account fuller.


> More time with your family and less time banging away at your keyboard.


> The missing piece – me.

Find the Spock to your Kirk. Choose your perfect copywriting package below.

Out to Launch

If you’re launching a new course, product, or service, this is the all-inclusive copywriting package for you. It includes everything you’ll need for a high-converting launch. Ready to break your records? Click here to get started.

The Client Magnet

Let’s make sure that your amazing new brand has dreamy clients lining up to work with you from Day 1, and to do that, you need website copy that resonates with them. Ready to make yourself a client magnet? Click here to make it so.

Sales, Conversions, and Clients, oh my!

If you want to launch your new product or service on a slightly smaller scale, this package is for you. (This is especially ideal if you’re a first-time launcher.) Check out this package here.

The Relationship Builder

If you’re looking to turn your blog into a client-generating machine, this blogging package is for you. Click here to learn more about what’s included.

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