Finding the right mastermind = finding a needle in a haystack.


Until now.


 Introducing the Find Your Mastermind Challenge.


(Your mastermind is waiting for you.)

Looking for a mastermind to join in 2018? You’re in the right place.

We’re cutting out the legwork and bringing the masterminds to YOU. That’s what the Find Your Mastermind Challenge is all about – bringing a diverse range of masterminds together to help you choose which one is best for you and your business.

This FREE challenge is going to save you the time and effort of looking EVERYWHERE and asking EVERYONE for suggestions.

Plus, it’s going to help you narrow down what you want in a mastermind, which in turn is going to help you choose the best one in less time. (So you can get on with your holidays!)

We’re revolutionizing the search for a mastermind by simplifying, streamlining, and making YOU the center of search.

Join the FREE Find Your Mastermind Challenge below! In just 5 days, you’ll know what you want in a mastermind and which group best fits your wish list. We get started on Monday, Dec. 11.

Find your perfect mastermind!

In just 5 days.

Here’s how the FREE challenge works:

Every day for 5 days, starting Monday, Dec. 11, you’ll receive an email that walks you through part of the Find Your Mastermind Challenge.

You’ll have an assignment to fill out in your free Challenge Workbook, and a nifty tracker sheet to help you keep track of which masterminds fit you best during the 5-day challenge.

There will also be a daily Facebook live for you to watch that will take the subject of the email a little deeper.

Here’s what we’ll cover during the challenge:

Day 1 – We’ll talk about what mastermind are and how to choose your ideal mastermind’s focus.

Day 2 – We’ll have you define the outcome you want from your mastermind.

Day 3 – You’ll figure out which mastermind structure and time commitment fit your life and business best.

Day 4 – We’ll dive into relationships within the mastermind, namely that between you and the mastermind leader.

Day 5 – You’ll do some math to figure out how long you want your mastermind to be and a reasonable price range for you.

It’s time to take the stress out of finding your mastermind and infuse some fun into it!

Join the challenge now!

Bonus Alert!

When you sign up for the Find Your Mastermind Challenge, you’ll get instant access to the Make 2018 Epic Summit!

Make 2018 Epic Summit

The Make 2018 Epic Summit will take place during the same week as the Find Your Mastermind Challenge, Monday, Dec. 11 – Friday, Dec. 15.

This summit is all about giving you the tools you need to make 2018 epic. The mastermind leaders who are participating in the challenge will be livestreaming in The Business Cafe (a FREE Facebook group) during the week.

They’ll cover their zone of genius not only so you can learn some amazing things from them, but also so you can figure out which mastermind leader clicks with you.

This is your chance to “test drive” the leaders, so to speak. They’ll be showing their smarts so you can learn from + connect with them.

Who are these fabulous mastermind leaders? Check them out below!

Meet the mastermind leaders and Make 2018 Epic Summit Speakers!

Natalia Crawford

Natalia Crawford is a Business & Online Marketing Coach who is passionate about helping women build a profitable business online that is designed around living their dream life.

Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett is a profit priestess, and intuitive business strategist. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs create more profitable businesses by amplifying their power + aligning them with the energy of success. She spent over a decade working with the big corporate guys, running million dollar marketing campaigns…and watching her clients come up against the same energetic barriers repeatedly.

The biggest lesson learned? Your marketing has to feel like you. Business isn’t about the hustle. It’s about aligned action and aligned strategy – which gives you more free time, more freedom, and more profits! She firmly believes your business doesn’t have to be boring…or built by grinding it out, hustling, or using cookie cutter templates.

Shannon Tacheny

Shannon is a heart-centered Small Business Creative Strategist and Photographer who has been on her entrepreneurial journey for over 15 years, in more than one industry. She currently works with small business owners on the creative direction of their brand, as well as doing photo shoots within the small business and fashion industries. Shannon is a skilled writer and designer, and her cozy team at Feather Blue Studios offers creative services including copywriting, branding, photography, websites, and more.

Lisa Benavidez

Lisa Benavidez has been in the entrepreneurial world since she graduated from high school, three days after graduation to be exact! Lisa has been an event planner for over 14 years, and the last 10 of those years have been specifically for coaches and online business owners (just like you!).

Four years ago, she started coaching women entrepreneurs and online business owners. With her ability to see your big vision and make it a reality, boost your visibility authentically, and grow your business, Lisa’s true passion is helping you make a bigger impact in the world!

Salma Sheriff

Salma is a Business Coach & Brand Strategist who helps Entrepreneurs and Bloggers build a Strong Foundation Online through Profitable & Automated Businesses. She also helps them generate their Dream Income while being Location Independent.

Salma is also an award-winning Entrepreneur & Blogger and has been featured in websites like Smart Indian Woman, BlogAdda (Top Blogger), OpenDesigns (Young Entrepreneur of the month, 2016), ICICI Bank (Women Achiever Award), Baggout (Top 14 Socially Active Bloggers in India) and more.

Danielle Ralston

Danielle Ralston (a.k.a. The Minion Queen) owns and runs The Minion Queen, a Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy & Business Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Social Media Management and Virtual Assistant Business.

Her super favorite part is teaching women to be The Online Fairy that she knows is within instead of the troll they fear they are. Danielle has been an IT pro for over 20 years and has worked as the CEO of an IT Service provider off and on for about 10 years. The off part was so she could raise and homeschool her son, and her family spent a year as missionaries in an African jungle as well. Danielle now own 4 companies (the last one started by accident).

Ardelia Lee (Your host for the challenge)

Ardelia is a story strategist for faith-driven entrepreneurs. She helps her clients share their own faith and stories in their businesses so they can deepen their faith, become the leaders they’re called to be, and grow their business + profits. She’s all about client connection, which is why she’s so obsessed with stories and sharing her faith (both have potent connection powers).

Ardelia will be hanging out with you during daily Facebook lives the week of the challenge. She’ll walk you through each of the key mastermind factors and help you with making your final decision (she has some tips up her sleeve).

This challenge and summit is an opportunity for you to grow your business by finding the support and tools you need. Instead of having you run all over the internet (which can be pretty exhausting), Ardelia and her amazing lineup of mastermind hosts are bringing all the goods to YOU. So what are you waiting for?

Join the Find Your Mastermind Challenge now. (Remember, it’s FREE!)

So when you join the FREE Find Your Mastermind Challenge, you’ll also get instant access to the FREE Make 2018 Epic Summit.

How awesome is that? This is an event you DON’T want to miss. Not only is it a great chance to find your perfect mastermind without the stress and struggle, but it’s also a great way to learn from successful entrepreneurs and grow your business.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to join.

Make finding your mastermind fun!

Because it shouldn't be a chore.


When is the Find Your Mastermind Challenge and the Make 2018 Epic Summit?

The challenge and the summit will both run from Monday, Dec. 11 through Friday, Dec. 15.

Where will the challenge and the summit take place?

Both the Find Your Mastermind Challenge and the Make 2018 Epic Summit will take place in my free Facebook group, The Business Cafe. Want to join? Just click here.

This sounds like a lot of work. How will I keep everything organized?

Ah, you’re a Type A personality like me. I have a super special Find Your Mastermind Challenge Workbook that you’ll get access to after you join the challenge. It will include a bio of all the mastermind leaders as well as a description for each group. There will also be a separate tracking sheet so you can easily see which mastermind match up most with what you want.

And as for the work, it’s not a lot, I promise. I’ve broken this down into easy, doable steps that will just take 10-20 minutes a day.

Why are you hosting this challenge and summit?

Because looking for a mastermind can be mind-numbing. There are so many options out there, and pretty soon everything starts to look the same. Instead of you spending weeks searching for the perfect mastermind (without really knowing what you want), I created this challenge to help you hone in on what you wanted in a mastermind and then give you a limited range to choose from.

As for the summit, it’s a great way for the mastermind leaders to get to know you (and vice versa). I wanted to give the leaders a chance to show off their smarts and let you see them in action. I know that’s a huge factor in choosing a mastermind.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can shoot me an email at or you can message me on Facebook. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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