You’ve felt the pull to step up and make some amazing changes in your business. You know that now is the time for you to take practical steps to uplevel your business and finally see your vision come to life.

And you have an idea of how you’ll do that. You’re going to uplevel your business through launching a product or service.

But…(There’s always a but, isn’t there?)

  • You can’t seem to overcome mindset issues. (Who are you to want this?)
  • You’re terrified of launching another product or service…only to have it fall flat.
  • You psych yourself out when it comes to planning and following through on a launch (all that tech…sheesh)
  • You’re not sure what a solid launch strategy looks like
  • You don’t have the systems in place to automate your launch, so you end up working 100 hours a week.

I have amazing news.

Those buts stop here.

Introducing the Launch to Uplevel Summit

A 5-day event to help you uplevel your business while equipping you with the launch tools and strategies that will help you run a successful launch. Because the days of deciding to uplevel and then stressing about a launch are so over.

If you’re serious about upleveling your business, this is the place to be.

You’ll leave the Launch to Uplevel Summit knowing
What systems you need in place to uplevel your business
How to create a solid launch strategy
How to use the story behind your launch to boost profits and impact
How to create a social media plan for your business and your launch
And more!

Summit Logistics

The Launch to Uplevel Summit starts on Monday, October 16 and ends on Friday, October 20. Each day of the summit, you’ll receive an email with a link to that day’s pre-recorded videos. You’ll have 48 hours to watch the videos. After those 48 hours, the only way you’ll be able to watch the videos is if you buy a Launch to Uplevel All Access Pass.

This is a no-fluff summit. Each video will have amazing tips and strategies that you can implement immediately. The summit speakers are dedicated to bringing you seriously helpful info that will enable you to uplevel your business and launch your product or service with a bang.

Did you miss the Launch to Uplevel Summit? You can still get access to all of the summit videos forever with the All Access Pass. Click the button below to get your All Access Pass for just $159!

Get your All Access Pass!

Meet the Speakers

Maggie Giele

Maggie is an award-winning business and marketing strategist, helping fiercely dedicated business owners slay their strategies and build sustainable, scalable businesses. Think of her as your wand-waving, spell-casting partner-in-crime to help you carve a path through the magical forest, where Dreamy Clients, business growth, and freedom await.

Allison Hardy

Allison Hardy is a former college art professor turned business strategist for mompreneurs. She helps women raise their businesses, while raising their families, so that they can live life by design.

Allie Bjerk

Allie Bjerk is a sales funnel and Facebook ad strategist for talented & maxed out entrepreneurs who want to add passive income to their monthly money stack. She’s also passionate about empowering people to start and grow their own businesses in digital marketing.

Kate Boyd

Kate is a launch + marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact with less hustle by optimizing, automating, and delegating the marketing tasks they don’t enjoy. She combines a journalism degree, 3 years of online business experience, and 5+ years in non-profit marketing to help others grow, nurture, and mobilize their tribes so they can have success and have time to enjoy it too.

Becky Mollenkamp

Becky Mollenkamp is a business mentor for creative entrepreneurs who get stuck in their own heads and need a little push to level up. In her 10-week Own It, Crush It program, she helps business owners get the confidence and clarity they need to make big changes.

Caressa Thompson

Caressa is the Sales Funnel & Marketing Strategist behind, CaressaLenae. Her 5-year business experience as a brick and mortar & online business owner plus 3 years, and counting, as a mom to a toddler who runs more than he walks, puts you in good hands for a 360 point-of-view marketing experience. She’s known to be hired to increase leads, automate sales, and ease the pain of adding passive income to your business.

Natalia Crawford

Natalia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who helps women start and grow their businesses online! She is a digital marketing expert and start-up strategist who lives in Seattle, WA and enjoys coffee, cooking and spending quality time with her husband.

Michaela Hoffman

Michaela is a brand designer, web developer, and visibility strategist helping women who are struggling to gain visibility online build a strong and cohesive web presence that attracts their dream clients through personalized consulting that focuses on strategy and action.

Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett is an intuitive business strategist + profit priestess. Success doesn’t start with JUST strategy – it’s the combination of strategy and energy work. Kristen helps clients reconnect their business to their spirituality, replace stress with ease, and create actionable marketing plans that are aligned with their business + energy. It’s time to amplify your power, presence, and make some magic in your business.

Katie Williamsen

Katie Williamsen is the web strategist and designer behind Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media Consulting, LLC. She helps female entrepreneurs who feel confused by technology make their websites pretty AND functional. Katie helps them troubleshoot the issues that hold them back from gaining clients and making more money!

Cathy Olson

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 17 years, working with multi-million dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy and Disney. Now the founder of Love Inspired, an international branding and web design studio with a boutique approach, she helps flourishing creatives package their expertise in a way that excites eyes, hugs hearts, and cues cha-chings.

When Cathy’s not innovating for talented clients, she shares her multifaceted expertise through Digital Summits, Webinars, e-Courses or on her YouTube Channel. She has a passion for putting the fun in functional, the purpose in pretty, and the meaning in details. Her heart’s mission: To help talented creatives feel proud to share their ideas and passions with others, and inspired to stretch their businesses to new heights.

Meet your host!

I’m Ardelia Lee, a content strategist for entrepreneurs who are ready to finally stand out in the overcrowded online business world. I bring my clients’ unique stories to the forefront of their businesses through personalized content strategies that enable them to shine. When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying time with my family and working in as many Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Star Trek references as I can into daily conversation.

I’m hosting the Launch to Uplevel Summit to equip you, determined and brave entrepreneur, with the tools, strategies, and tips you’ll need to successfully and permanently uplevel your business. All too often, I see entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their business but don’t because they simply don’t know how, or they don’t have the strategies to help them make the transition easier. No more.

The summit speakers will cover topics designed to help you with the confidence you need to uplevel your business and the practical strategies to make your launch and subsequent uplevel a reality. This summit is a unique blend of mindset + practical strategies, which makes it a powerhouse of info.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Launch to Uplevel Summit?

The summit will start on Monday, October 16, and end of Friday, October 20. There aren’t hard-and-fast times that you need to be aware of. Each day of the summit (Monday through Friday) you’ll receive an email with a link to the summit videos. To watch the videos, all you need to do is click that link.

Where is the summit?

In your living room, your local coffee shop, your sofa, or wherever else you’re planning on taking in these awesome videos. This is a virtual summit, so all you need is access to the Internet to watch. No Google maps required!

How long can I watch the videos?

You can watch the videos as many times as you want, but you’ll only have 48 hours to watch the videos once they’re live. For example, if a video goes live on Tuesday, then you’ll be able to watch it for 48 hours, so on Thursday, the video will become unavailable.

What if I want access to all of the summit videos all the time?

If you want access to all of the summit videos forever, then you need an All-Access Pass. The pass allows you to watch the videos whenever you want. Plus, you’ll also receive access to a special 2-part video training by Ardelia covering copywriting for sales pages and sales funnels.

The All-Access Pass will be available for purchase on Tuesday, September 12.

Get your All Access Pass!

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