High-Impact Launch Intensive

Create a launch content strategy that’s aligned, joyful, and profitable.

Planning your launch can be almost as nerve-wracking as planning your wedding day.

There are so many moving parts to account for. There are emails to send, workshops to host, blog posts to write (or outsource), opt-ins to create, and sales funnels to map out. It’s enough to make your head spin.

And then when you think about launching, you see the launches you’ve already done – the ones where you stayed up late and got up early. The ones where you ignored your family and designated your husband as the primary parent…for two whole months. It wasn’t pretty. And you don’t want a repeat of that.

So you’ve decided that this launch will be different. You know exactly what you want.

You want a launch content strategy that

  • Leaves you feeling refreshed, not exhausted
  • Excites you and your audience
  • Brings in even more money
  • Gives you your life back.

You have an inkling that it’s out there.

And you’re right. That content strategy is right here. 

The High-Impact Launch Intensive will change the way you launch. Forever.


By changing the focus from more content to aligned content and from info-driven content to impact-driven content.

Here’s what happens when we make those two (seemingly minor) tweaks:

Create a deeper, more personal impact.

Build stronger, more authentic relationships with your dream clients and your audience.

Stand out in an overwhelmingly crowded marketplace. No whiz-bang special offers (or discounts) needed.

Increase profits through engaging content and a higher know-like-trust factor

Tell people your story in such a way that you invite closer connections and more sales.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Ardelia Lee, a content strategist for entrepreneurs who are ready to finally stand out in the overcrowded online business world and deepen their impact while growing their profits. I bring my clients’ unique stories to the forefront of their businesses through personalized content strategies that enable them to shine.

I’ve been through my fair share of launches (some of which I barely survived). It was at the end of one of these run-you-ragged launches that I realized launching shouldn’t be that way. I hadn’t spent an actual weekend with my husband and daughters in at least a month. My poor husband was responsible for the girls as soon as he got home from work until bedtime. I missed out on a whole month of my family’s lives because of launching.

I reasoned that there had to be a way to launch on my own terms and still see the success I wanted.


I started experimenting with different launch strategies, and I realized that the ones that worked best were the ones I was most aligned with. They were the ones that allowed me to bring my stories to the table and share them as well as the info-driven content. With that simple tweak – sharing my stories – I was able to increase engagement and create deeper relationships with my audience. (And that can lead to more profits during a launch).

That’s why I created the High-Impact Launch Intensive, to help women like you launch on their own terms, with their lives and businesses intact, and still see the impact and profits they know they’re capable of.

Are you ready to launch with a content strategy that brings you joy?

Are you ready to create a content strategy that doesn’t require you and your team to slave away all day every day?

Are you ready to tell more of your story through your content?

It’s time to book a High-Impact Launch Intensive.

What’s included in the High-Impact Launch Intensive?


A High-Impact Launch Intensive Packet

Trello board for launch content strategy creation and execution

3-hour intensive

3-month launch content strategy


Personalized, detailed action plan and intensive notes

14-days of Voxer support


How to your story, your business, your launch, and your passions align

How to create a killer launch content strategy that requires less work but allows your business to make a bigger impact (and grow profits)

Let’s dive deeper!

(What does all that awesome stuff look like?)


Before we meet for our intensive, you’ll receive a High-Impact Launch Intensive Packet. The packet will help you outline your business goals and the goals for our intensive, clue me in to what your current content strategy looks like, address any mindset blocks that may come up, and help me get to know you more before we meet.

Filling out this packet is crucial to ensuring your intensive is exactly what you want.


Before the intensive, you’ll receive a Trello board that you can customize to reflect your current content strategy and business goals. When we focus on and create your content strategy during the intensive, we’ll do it in Trello. If you need additional boards to help you keep track of things like clients, social media content, etc., you’ll have access to my template boards.


We’ll hold our 3-hour intensive over Zoom. During our time together, we’ll dive into the story behind your launch, your launch content strategy, your business, and how to fit the pieces together to deepen your impact. We’ll also create your launch content strategy in Trello during our intensive.

You can furiously scribble notes if you want, but your intensive will be recorded (and you’ll have lifetime access to it).


During your intensive, we’ll create a 3-month launch content strategy for you in Trello. This content strategy will cover any content you want to create in the next 3-month period.

We’ll take into account your business, your launch, your audience, your goals, and your launch story when we create your content strategy. So you’ll have the most impact with the least amount of work (and the best profits).


Your customized action plan will include a high-level overview of what we discussed during your intensive, as well as the exact steps you need to take moving forward. You’ll have access to it through your Trello board.


During the 14 days after your intensive, you’ll have voice and text message access to me through Voxer, a free instant messaging app. If you have a question, need more explanation, or just want to make sure you’re on the right track, just ask away.

The 1:1 launch support you crave is here.

Book your High-Impact Launch Intensive now for $1,500 $900.*

It’s time to create the impact and the profits you know you’re capable of.

*The $900 price is only valid until Tuesday, September 12, 2017. After that day, the price will return to $1,500.

How do we get started?

Click the button directly above to book your intensive.

Fill out the form, then check your email inbox. You’ll receive a quote, invoice, and a contract. Once you’ve signed the contract and paid the invoice, you’ll receive access to my Intensive calendar, so you can schedule a time that works for you. (Intensives take place on Saturdays or Sundays, unless you reach out directly to me and set up a different time).

Make your one-time payment of $900.

You’re in! (Happy dance!) You’ll receive your High-Impact Launch Intensive Packet and access to your Trello boards within 48 hours.

Is a High-Impact Launch Intensive right for you?

This may be right for you if you

  • Are not seeing the impact you know your business is capable of.
  • Are ready to create a killer, comprehensive launch content strategy that will make your launch one for the record books.
  • Have dreams of setting your audience’s minds and hearts alight…but aren’t doing that yet.
  • Want to increase your profits through an impact-driven launch.
  • Are ready to discover your launch story and how you can use it to inspire and motivate others.
  • Are ready to grow as an entrepreneur.


This may not be right for you if you

  • Aren’t concerned with the impact your launch has.
  • Don’t see the value in creating a comprehensive launch content strategy.
  • Are unwilling to follow and execute the content strategy we create together.
  • Don’t care to inspire and motivate others.
  • Are unable to pay the one-time fee of $1,500 (or $900 if you book before Tuesday, September 12).
  • Are unwilling to explore your launch story and how it aligns with everything.
  • See no value in knowing your launch story and using it in your content strategy.

It’s time to make a deeper impact + bigger profits.

Book your High-Impact Launch Intensive now for $1,500 $900*.

It’s the 1:1 support, strategy, and soul-searching that will make your launch unforgettable.

*The $900 price point for the Intensive is only valid until Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does a High-Impact Launch Intensive take place?
Your High-Impact Launch Intensive will most likely take place on Saturday or Sunday. When you click on the button to book an intensive, you’ll be taken to my calendar and will be able to choose a time that works for your schedule.
What if I don't see a time that works for me?
Email me at ardelia@ardelialee.com and let me know! I’m happy to accommodate you if I can. We can schedule an intensive outside of the weekend if that fits your schedule better.
Are there payment plans?

No. Because the intensive is a one-time service, all payment is due upfront.

What if I need additional support?
You can always choose to purchase additional 1:1 calls if you feel the need for more support. This is something we can talk about after your intensive.

Not sure if a High-Impact Launch Intensive is right for you?

Book a free 20-minute discovery call to find out!

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