Get more clients, more bookings, and more money.

With less effort.

Have you had any of the following thoughts while reviewing your copy?

“Wait. That copy isn’t me anymore. and it isn’t my business, either.”

“My business has shifted. My copy is out of alignment.”

“This copy won’t attract my new dream clients.”

It’s time to realign your copy with your business, your goals, and your clients.

Did you know that if you haven’t updated your copy to match your newly upleveled or rebranded business, you could be repelling your dream clients. Yes, your copy is that powerful.

But you’re already busy running a business, putting the finishing touches on your rebrand, raising a family, holding down the fort, and prepping for Aunt Gertrude’s 75th birthday party. You don’t need to add anything else to your to-do list. Unfortunately, that’s where your copywriting tasks will fall – right at the bottom.

And there’s just so much you have to do, especially if you want to be a client magnet. But writing website copy ranks at #1 on the ultra-long list of to-dos, and that’s what we’re here to do – create website copy that connects with and converts your dream clients.


It’s time to magnetize your brand.

Imagine what life would be like with professional copy. You could

Line up future clients before your new brand is live.

Have more time to spend with your family…because they still exist even when you’re rebranding.

Introduce your new brand to people who are eager to work with you.

Be confident in your copy and boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

Have a conversion-happy copywriter on your side who loves nothing more than happy dancing with her clients when they book out their new services.

It’s time to create a stream of clients for your new brand.

Let me – conversion magician, wordsmith extraordinaire, and personality whisperer – handle the copy. You’ll be glad you did.

Choose a copywriting package below to get started.

The Client Magnet

This copywriting package is great for getting your website in tip top shape before the big debut.

One Star-Trek obsessed copywriter invested in your success + willing to be the Spock to your Kirk.

One 60-minute kickoff call so I can get to know you, your voice, and your new market.


A Copywriting Questionnaire so you can tell me all about your business, your plans for it, your wildest dreams, and how you see everything coming together during your rebrand.


Three pages of website copy that will 1) have your personality all throughout them, 2) make your clients fall in love with you instantly + get them to convert, and 3) be in perfect alignment with you and your new brand. Webpages include the homepage, about page, and services page.


Two rounds of revisions to ensure that everything is juuuuust right.

The Client Magnet starts at $2,000.

Book a consultation now to receive a custom quote and learn more about how I roll.

The Copywriting Process

(Heads up: There's way more involved than just copywriting.)

Step 1: Say hello + dig deep

You and I will sit down for a kickoff meeting to talk about all things you, your business, and your launch. This is your time to open your heart and soul to me because I want (and need) to get to know you. I want your copy to shine with your personality and voice, so don't hold back here. 


Step 2: Ask hard questions

In addition to knowing all about you, I need to know all about your market, your audience, your launch, and your launch strategy. That's where the questionnaire step comes in. You'll go through this (with your favorite beverage in hand, I suggest) and tell me all the nitty gritty details that will help make your copy a magnet for your people.


Step 3: Return phenomenal, conversion-driven copy

Sit back and relax. This step is all on me. I'll take your answers to the questionnaire, your personality, and your voice and mix them all together, throwing in a nice chunk of strategy, to give you copy that connects and converts. Your launch will never be the same after this...and that's a good thing.

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What My Clients Say

Working with Ardelia was such a wonderful experience! Her client intake process is thorough, and she asks all the right questions to get to know you and your business so that your copy reflects both. Ardelia listens to your goals and the copy reflects that. The back-and-forth during the revision stage was quick and painless, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Jodi Brandon

Editor, Jodi Brandon Editorial

Ardelia was professional, easy to work with and reliable. I would recommend her as a copywriter and editor. Her skill set to pull my thoughts out of my head and translate into a well-organized document helped me immensely.

Dr. Frances Richards

Strategic Life Coach, Dr. Francis Richards

Skyrocket your conversions. Lower your stress level.

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