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We’re a perfect match. Don’t believe me?

You want…

A more engaged audience.
Deeper connections with your dream clients
To inspire and impact your audience on a deeper level
To knock down the wall you’ve built around yourself
To appear online as you really are: amazing

I have…

Amazing story finding skills
A strategic mind that will show you where to use your stories
Strong analytic abilities (I can read between the lines and find connections between your stories and your audience/services)
A crumbling wall around my business (Done the whole walled-in business thing. Didn’t care for it much.)

How Can I Really Help?

Look, I’ve been there, right where you are. I gave people what I thought they wanted to see. I left out my stories, my false starts in business, my less-than-stellar product and service launches because I was afraid.

I was afraid that if people actually knew my real stories, they wouldn’t want to work with me. If they knew that I had launched a course and only had one person buy it, they wouldn’t want me to write their copy (back when I was a copywriter).

But what I really did by leaving out all my stories of failure, was deprive my audience of the lessons I learned.

So how can I help you?

I can pull out your stories – the good, the bad, and the ugly ones. (And this is a judgment-free zone here. I’m just your fellow explorer.) I’ll also show you how to use your stories in your content – sales emails, blog posts, sales pages, social media posts, etc. to finally build deep connections with your audience, grow your impact, and boost your sales.

It’s time you finally drop your guard, step into your power, and tell the stories you have.

About Ardelia

Ardelia here. I’m a story strategist for online entrepreneurs who are ready to share their heart and their passion with the world. I help my clients dig deep, look within (and sometimes without), and find the stories that will help them create deeper connections with their audience, convert more dream clients, and grow their impact.

I work with my clients to bring their unique, inspiring stories to the forefront of their business by showing them how to use their stories strategically in their sales content and their everyday content.

Why am I so in love with stories? It’s been a lifelong affair.

When I was a girl, I read all the time. Stories provided me with an escape from a sometimes-miserable, sometimes-lonely childhood. As I grew older, I’d imagine stories for the people I saw on the highway and in the grocery story. When I read, I often wondered what the minor characters did after the main character went on his way. What were their stories?

With a love of reading and writing (I wrote creative fiction as a kid), I ended up getting a BA and MA in English. Taking my mad writing skills, I became a copywriter for online businesses. While I could nail my clients’ copy every time, I didn’t love it. There wasn’t much passion behind what I did – just money.

When I realized that I didn’t want to write copy anymore, I saw that I was actually in love with stories, not writing. That freed me up to then explore my own stories and bring them into my business, knocking down the wall I’d built around it.

When that wall came down, I expected to be standing in the middle of the dust, looking like a fool exposed. But I didn’t. I looked like me with stories to tell, failures to share, and victories to celebrate.

Bringing stories into my business has transformed everything. I’m able to connect with my audience on a deeper level. I’m also able to create more interesting and inspirational content. The days of only publishing the ultra dry “X Ways to Grow Your Business” blog posts are over. Now it’s more of a mix of personal stories, business strategies, and mindset tips.

It’s time you experience the power of stories for yourself.

What My Clients Say

Working with Ardelia was such a wonderful experience! Her client intake process is thorough, and she asks all the right questions to get to know you and your business so that your copy reflects both. Ardelia listens to your goals and the copy reflects that. The back-and-forth during the revision stage was quick and painless, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Jodi Brandon

Editor, Jodi Brandon Editorial

Working with Ardelia is a dream come true. It’s important for me to have valuable content going out on my blog and to my email list each week, but writing that content was such a chore. It was to the point where I was writing everything the morning it needed to publish, which reduced the quality of what I was producing. Working with Ardelia has changed all of that.

I no longer have to sit and stare at a blank document, wondering where to start and dreading the process. Instead, I can send an outline to Ardelia and quickly receive a perfectly crafted blog post or newsletter. Thanks to Ardelia my to-do list is shorter, I have more time to spend on client projects, and I can focus on the tasks I enjoy.

Krista Miller

Strategic WordPress Developer, Krista Rae, LLC

Ardelia was professional, easy to work with and reliable. I would recommend her as a copywriter and editor. Her skill set to pull my thoughts out of my head and translate into a well-organized document helped me immensely. Dr. Frances Richards

Strategic Life Coach, Dr. Francis Richards

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