Bold copy.

Deeper connections.

Effortless conversion.


We’re a perfect match. Don’t believe me?

You want…

A record-breaking, conversion-crazy launch.
To uplevel and immediately start booking clients.
A fresh brand with copy that matches perfectly.

I have…

The copywriting skills you need to convert potential clients.
Perfectly-designed packages for your specific situation.
A proven track record of awesomeness.
Star Trek references for every occasion.

How Can I Really Help?

How have you been feeling about your copy lately? Be honest here. Have you looked at your sales page and said “Wow! That’s a conversion monster right there?”

Have you checked out your sales funnel and been astonished or disappointed? Have you reached the conversion goal you set for it?

And what about your website copy? Is it 100% you and bringing in clients like crazy, or is it lackluster and more Vulcan than you want to admit?

All three of those scenarios are right up my alley. I can help you build deeper connections with potential clients and introduce your authentic, amazing self to the world.

Also, you know those conversion goals you set that you haven’t met?

We’re going to smash them.

Here’s the deal. You can have the perfect launch plan. You can have the perfect graphics, colors, and typography for your new brand.

But if your copy is lamer than the last two original Star Trek movies, you won’t get far.  

Your copy is critical to your business’s success. Period. There’s no way to get around needing stellar copy to stand out online, connect with potential clients, and (most importantly) convert them to paying clients.

That’s why you bring in a professional – someone who’s able to take your personality and transform it into bold copy that sells.

Kirk didn’t tinker with the Enterprise’s engines. He left that up to Scotty.

So why are you still struggling to write your copy?

It’s time to hand the keys over to a copywriter that will take the time to get to know you, listen to you, and write conversion-driven copy that’ll have clients banging down your door…or at least exploding your inbox. And I know the perfect lady for the job…Me. (Whom did you think I’d recommend?)

What My Clients Say

Working with Ardelia was such a wonderful experience! Her client intake process is thorough, and she asks all the right questions to get to know you and your business so that your copy reflects both. Ardelia listens to your goals and the copy reflects that. The back-and-forth during the revision stage was quick and painless, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Jodi Brandon

Editor, Jodi Brandon Editorial

Working with Ardelia is a dream come true. It’s important for me to have valuable content going out on my blog and to my email list each week, but writing that content was such a chore. It was to the point where I was writing everything the morning it needed to publish, which reduced the quality of what I was producing. Working with Ardelia has changed all of that.

I no longer have to sit and stare at a blank document, wondering where to start and dreading the process. Instead, I can send an outline to Ardelia and quickly receive a perfectly crafted blog post or newsletter. Thanks to Ardelia my to-do list is shorter, I have more time to spend on client projects, and I can focus on the tasks I enjoy.

Krista Miller

Strategic WordPress Developer, Krista Rae, LLC

Ardelia was professional, easy to work with and reliable. I would recommend her as a copywriter and editor. Her skill set to pull my thoughts out of my head and translate into a well-organized document helped me immensely.

Dr. Frances Richards

Strategic Life Coach, Dr. Francis Richards

About Ardelia

Ardelia here. (Pronounced “Are-DEAL-ya”, in case you were wondering.)

I’m the Star Trek-watching, Lord of the Rings-reading copywriter who’s about to redefine what “great conversion rate” means for you. I’ve helped my clients launch successful courses, rebrand their websites, and transform their blogs into client-attracting resources.

Why am I so into copywriting? I love words and wordsmithery. And dictionaries, and grammar books…but I digress. I’ve always loved writing. Seriously – when I was in elementary school, I wrote novels by hand in a spiral notebook. In fact, I spent most of my summer days hiding from the Houston heat by writing while listening to my Enya CD.

I channeled that love of writing into a BA and MA in English and eventually into a copywriting business that allows me to work from home so I can raise and homeschool my two adorable (and mischievous) girls.

I’m also crazy passionate about empowering entrepreneurs (through bold copy that connects and converts) to create amazing businesses so they can follow their own whys.

Ready to take your conversions + bookings to new heights?

Select your copywriting package now and prepare to say hello to…

Copy you can be confident of. (Strut your stuff!)

Dream clients (They’ll come flooding in.)

A lower stress level (Your copy arrives polished and on-time, every time.)

Family time (Yeah. They still exist during a launch.)

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