Ready to take the first step to strengthen your faith and get the support + encouragement you need?


Join the 5 Days to Stronger Faith Challenge!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey – whether you’re new to Christianity or you’re a seasoned believer – you can always deepen your faith. And this challenge will help you do just that.

If you participate wholeheartedly in this free challenge, you’ll

  • Create the space + time you need to grow your faith.
  • Get tools + tips to help you strengthen your faith.
  • Receive the support you need to follow through on your plan.

Here’s how the challenge works

The 5 Days to Stronger Faith Challenge will be live from Monday, November 13 through Friday, November 17. (However, if you sign up after the go-live date of Monday, November 13, you’ll still have access to all the content. I just won’t be doing live videos.)

Each day, starting on Nov. 13, you’ll receive a challenge email with that day’s assignment. (Don’t worry – your assignment will only take about 10-15 minutes a day.)

I’ll also be doing a daily Facebook live the week of the challenge. I’ll go live on my Facebook page and talk more in depth about what we’re going over in the challenge that day. (And when I say “in-depth”, I mean 10-15 minutes.)

The ultimate result of the challenge is to give you impactful actions to take and the support you need to do it in as little time as possible (cuz ain’t nobody got time for a church service every single day) to help you move closer to a deeper faith.

Why am I hosting this free challenge?

Because I know that changing your faith has the potential to change your business.

I’m speaking from first-hand experience here. Before I started talking about my faith in my business, I struggled to find something that I was really passionate about. I talked about copywriting and general online business tips, but everything felt forced. I didn’t sound like myself, and I didn’t feel like myself.

Basically, I was ignoring my faith in my business. I made no mention of God or of my faith anywhere. Cue an almost nervous breakdown, and I went running back to my faith (no surprise there). But what I cultivated after that was a faith deeper than one I’d ever known before.

And that led me to incorporate more of my faith and my true self into my business. Now, I’m excited about what I have to say. I’m passionate about growing and sharing my faith in my business and helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

I want that for you. I want you to have a faith that leaves you feeling supported, fulfilled, loved, important, and purposeful in what you do. I want a faith that enables you to shine brightly in the darkness.

And I want you to join the 5 Days to Stronger Faith Challenge to make that happen. It’s a great small commitment to make, and it has huge ramifications.

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