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You’re not “just” a blogger. So don’t “just” blog.

Have a plan.

Are you using your blog for more than just blogging? Are you trying to monetize it through services, products, or affiliate links?

If your blog isn’t the end in itself, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll get the tips, tools, strategies, and how-tos you need to transform your blog from ok to stellar. Your blog is (and should be) an integral part of your monetization strategy. I’ll show you how you can create a thoughtful, purposeful blog and use it to grow your business.

My name is Ardelia, and I’m a content consultant who helps bloggers and online business owners create and implement a personalized content strategy. My focus is on creating professional content that has a clear purpose and helps creatives achieve their goals.

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Blogging tips and strategies to help you see the big picture and create a blog you love. Great for newbies + oldbies.


Ready to up your writing skills? Unlock your inner Hemingway.  *Literary fame not included.

Content Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of what content marketing is and why bloggers should care about it.


Business tips, thoughts, and insights designed to help you create lasting business growth. *CEO status not included.

Write Marvelous Posts

Composition for Bloggers

Develop your own writing strategy + take the guesswork out of blogging.

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